The last challenging stage of the ORCA project has just started: developed concepts and solutions are to be validated/verified through virtual and experimental testing.

Laboratory based testing of both the ORCA truck and bus demonstrator vehicles is to be executed with feasible, realistic and representative conditions. The ORCA simulation framework developed earlier in the project (EMS, TCO, LCA) will be fed with results and used as extended functionality towards a virtual testing environment to determine overall performances.

In order to discuss Validation/Verification and Demonstration Assessment on 24 October 2019, the ORCA consortium came together at VUB in Brussels, Belgium for the 3rd Internal ORCA Workshop chaired by TNO.

The internal workshop was a crucial step towards validation and verification of the ORCA goals by increasing mutual understanding of both demonstrator hardware and modelling approach. Partners discussed detailed test conditions for the ORCA plug-in hybrid demonstrator vehicles and started to define a day-by-day test matrix considering performance test and transport assignments including battery charging.