Optimisation Framework and Methodology

The ORCA Work Package 2 (WP2) (led by the Vrije Universtiteit Brussel) started in April 2017 and is still in progress. The WP objective is to develop new design and management methodologies to optimally design the heavy-duty hybrid vehicles. In this WP, the development of a virtual simulation platform based on MATLAB Software was carried out for this purpose. Wherein, models of Rechargeable Energy Storage (RES), electric motor, power electronics, internal combustion engine, mechanical transmission, waste heat recovery as well as their control and transport assignment have thus been developed or are still in development for some components. It has been used to develop a co-design optimization framework that will not only be used for sizing purpose, but also for energy management strategy.This simulation platform will be also used to define and test multi-level and multi-time scale energy management strategy, incorporating transport assignments and route recognition. This energy management will also minimize the environmental and economic impacts . Furthermore, the usage of liquefied or compressed natural gas engine instead of conventional fuel-based internal combustion engine will be investigated. The methodologies developed in this WP will be applied to the two-studied heavy-duty vehicles (VOLVO hybrid truck and IVECO hybrid bus) and will be used to optimize their design and their subsystems