Optimised Real-world Cost-Competitive Modular Hybrid Architecture for Heavy Duty Vehicles

As part of its commitment to significantly reduce tailpipe CO2 emissions, the European Commission is funding a number of projects that it believes can make a major contribution to achieving that goal.
ORCA is one such project.

This engaging research, development and demonstration project focuses on an accelerated introduction of Hybrid Heavy Duty vehicles, and as such reflects a changing perception of Heavy Duty hybridization from a futuristic niche mode to an everyday transport solution.
With great pleasure we look back on what is now a year of jointly setting and achieving goals in a fruitful cooperation. In our project we are spanning the borders of Europe and in that respect incorporate different flavours to the same end result.
Different visions on the route to HD hybridization are both challenging as well as that they provide a provocation to motivate the chosen pathways.
We concluded this first year recently in our General Assembly in Torino combined with a series of workshop sessions on various in-depth ORCA subjects. All Work Packages were presented, their status and challenges, the first results of which are to serve as a foundation for the work in the remaining part of the project.
The ORCA partners invite you to explore our website and our published deliverables, it should give you a good idea what ORCA is about and, although the published deliverables are completed, we welcome any comments that you might have. The learning process never stops and we will be happy to include new views and opinions in later project results.